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    Adding Posts To The Member's Blog

    Members can login to post articles.  Your login is your email address.  If you have not created a password, you can click 'Forgot Password" on the Login Menu.  Check your email then reset your password. 

    To Post an article, login then Click POST.

    You can enter your article and images can be copied and pasted.  

    You can not post an actual video to this site, but you can post a link to a video.   Click the link button in the menu above your post.  Then click insert link.  Enter the URL (link destination) in the Website/Email Field on the left.  Be sure to include http:// or https:// along with your link.  Example:   Then Click the Style/Sample box on the right to choose how you want your link displayed.  They have some very nice buttons you can choose.  Skip the Tool Tip Block.  Enter the Link Text in the link text field.  Such as Click Here,  or View Video, or something similar.  

    When you're done, click post.  You can edit or delete your post at any time.  

    Post An Article To The Member's Blog

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